film, digital
digital point & shoot Lumix TZ5

Friday Night of Tattoos
An Orange On Rokney's Head
Del Sitting
Barefoot In the Snow
Roshan Snacking
Emily Getting a Tattoo
Bowl & Hat
Anika's Nails
Astro Boy Garment
Away, Away, Away
Con Artist Collective's Backyard
Byron's Studio
Friends Hanging Out
Joelle Filming
Tiff in Contemplation
Long Line for the Bathroom
Roshan in Contemplation
Natalia Burning a Print
Alston Grinding Weed
Nicky & Roshan
Nicky Worshiping a Cemita
Richie Before He Quit Work
Quiet Street in Tokyo
Saki Holding a Deer
Saki in the Elevator
Saki & Her Parents
Motorcycle in Tokyo
Saki In the Countryside
Untitled (Co. No. 1 On the Floor)
Chanel, Sarah, & Byron
Finishing the Vodka
Summoning the Bourbon Demon
A Fence Between Friends
Suraj, Eni, & Jeff Partying
Tiff Sitting
Tiff Tired of Kevin's Shit
Jeff Selling a Chimney
Table for Three
Table for Three #2
Waitress at
Alston & Sarah
Alston Drinking Tazo
Olivia Taking a Photo
Alston Smoking Weed
Birthday Boy Frew
Blurry Self Portrait
Boxes #1
Boxes #2
Brainstorming at Cooper
Brillo & Marlboro
Warhol on a BillBoard
Byron's Garments on a Pedestal
Installing for a Show
Friends at an Exhibition Opening
Byron & Alston at Their Opening
Tiff & Erica
Byron's Studio
Two Chairs
David Working on His Artwork
Eni & Tiff at Holo
Friends at Holo
Byron & Kara
Box Full of Cameras
Pizza at a Party
Trying Out a Camcorder
Funny Ass Phone Case
Casey & Frew
Jeff & Jake
Jeff & Roshan
Alston, Natalia, & Emily in the Subway
Holding a Subway Pole
Joelle at the Print Fair
Maya in the Sun
Michelle, Hannah, & David Discussing
Natalia's Studio
Nicky & Mike
Simon from Tredici Bacci
Nicky & Roshan
Nicky Making Quesadillas
Red Cutting Board
Alston Smoking
Blaze & Momma Cat
Blaze On a Fire Escape
Bra On a Drum
Byron & Nicky Cooking
Byron After an Epiphany
Byron On a Skateboard
Cara & Nicky Dancing
Cara & Nicky
Emela in Her Truck
Emily Working on Her Camera
Friends in the Backyard
Hibernating Fans
Jordan Chilling
Jordan Posing For the Camera
Rod, Tristan, Jordan, & Troy
Maria & Aidan Playing Beer Pong
Marlboro Box In Brooklyn
Middle Finger In Brooklyn
Emily Sketching On Her Couch
Nate & Jonah
Neil & Nicky
Sinjun & Jonah In a Photobooth
Untitled (Yellow Metal Shit)
SLC & Joy
Momma Cat
Studio Art Squad Graduating!
Tiff Graduating!
Tiff In Her Kitchen
Untitled (Fan On a Blue Wall)
Emily In Class
Broad Channel Station
Byron Smoking At a Beach
Chair Leaning On a Tree
Emily Going Down an Installation
Red Truck
Del & Roshan Swinging 1
Del & Roshan Swinging 2
Emily Smiling
Eniola & Roshan Fighting the Wind
Eniola In Contemplation
Friends At a Playground
Goofing the Fuck Around
Hannah & Emily
Hannah Cooking
Jo & Chuba
Roshan & Joelle Burying Eni
Jonah Doing Make Up
Emily Taking a Photo
Oscar & Michael
Oscar & Roshan Sitting
Oscar Livid
Oscar Skating
Oscar Taking a Photo of Roshan
Friends On a Roof
Portrait of Blaze
Roko & Roshan
Celebrating Fourth of July
Scarlet Being Cute
Rockaway Beach
Fire Hydrant
Untitled (Debris & Chair)
Untitled (Funny Ass Beach Worker)
Untitled (Lights In a Backyard)
Untitled (Television)
Emily Loves Rick & Morty
Friends At an Exhibition
Joelle Filming
Photoshoot With Jonah
Tiff Up Top
Untitled (Bridge & Skyscraper)
Warped Desk & Blue Bin
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